Don't believe
everything you read.....
about Myrtle Beach!

By Patricia Blackstock

If you are like many other people planning your Myrtle Beach vacation, you spend a lot of time doing research on the Internet.

Since I have my cell number on my major web pages, I get my share of calls from people who have become hopelessly lost on the web. The majority of these people don't know how they found me, and its no wonder. "Somewhere on the web," they tell me. They came across a phone number from a local, and it was like finding a life raft in the ocean.

As long as the Internet has been a part of my life, I still get confused from time to time. For instance, how about the article linked below. It is titled "5 Must Do's in Myrtle Beach." I noticed that it was written by a college student in Columbus, Ohio, so just out of curiosity I clicked the link, wondering what a college student would consider "must-dos" at our beach.

Now imagine my surprise when reading her #1 recommendation was staying at the "extravagant, 20 story, oceanfront Embassy Suites Hotel on Kingston Plantation..." And the 4th best thing to do in Myrtle Beach is to eat. Of course we all love to eat, and fortunately Myrtle Beach has excellent restaurants in all price ranges. So I thought it odd that her first restaurant suggestion was The Parson's Table. Really? Is this a new student hang out in Myrtle Beach? When I was in college, I was happy to find a cheap Mom 'n Pop a block off the beach, and pizza tasted a lot better sitting on an old blanket on the sand than it ever tasted at home.

To make a long story a little shorter, it wasn't until I read the end of the article that I discovered her disclaimer. She was paid airline fees, lodging, and given a media pass in order to write this story. Who knew?

Her disclaimer:

"I received complementary airline, lodging, and a media pass, which allowed access into a number of attractions, for purposes of this article.

"For more information: "

I have been told by other locals (including one Chamber of Commerce member) that this sort of thing goes on quite often, and many times stories are published without a disclaimer.

Here's the link:
Don't believe everything you read!

In my opinion there's something deceitful and sleazy about this. Am I wrong to be appalled? It leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Come on people, Myrtle Beach can stand on its own merits!

If you REALLY want to know the 5 best things to do in Myrtle Beach - or anything else - ask a local or any of the fans on my Myrtle Beach Forum. Or call me. I promise you'll get the straight dope and no one has paid me to promote their business interest..

Thanks to my message board members, the many. many web cam fans, and FunBeaches fans who have found us helpful when planning a Myrtle Beach vacation. Love y'all!

Patricia Blackstock

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