Myrtle Beach

August, 2012 - Click each picture to view at original size

Hannau Banana Sunset and menu items
1. Paul & Emmy, 2. Their son Symon, 3. The Fab 2 (Bruce and Brian McElroy) performing at Hannah Banana
1. Stop at roadside market in NC heading home Aug. 12. 2. Picking out peaches 3. How about some sweet 'taters, too? 4. Fresh peach pie! Yum!
1 - 3. Murrells Inlet 4. Myrtle Beach State Park
Sunset and meun items at Hannah Banana.
A lightning strike on a tree in our back yard brought the fire department. No one was hurt, but it gave us quite a scare. 4. Squirrel sharing space withDoves
1. Baby praying Mantis. 2. Coccineus Scarlet Hibiscus 3. Lovely flowers! 4. Drunken Jacks, Murrells Inlet 5. Clean Your Fish (Murrells Inlet)
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