Review - Sandals Whitehouse, Jamaica

10 Nights at Sandals Whitehouse - Review
1/26/2014 - 2/5/2014
By Patricia Blackstock

Sandals Whitehouse Photo Gallery

I'm Patricia Blackstock and my husband is Wally Snider. We live in Myrtle Beach, SC and we have been enjoying all-inclusive resort vacations since 1997 This was our 3rd vacation at Sandals Whitehouse (2006, 2009, 2014).

A month prior to departure, we learned that our regular flight from Myrtle Beach had been cancelled. Due to the later flight and subsequent 1.5 hour ride from the airport to the resort, we did not arrive at Sandals Whitehouse until after 5 P.M.

After arrival, we were taken directly to the Concierge building where we enjoyed a glass of champagne.

Room Review: We were located in the Italian Village areas of Sandals Whitehouse, on the 4th floor, Concierge Suite, room 1404. Even though it was starting to get dark, we had to open the balcony doors and and step outside to see the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Oddly enough, this is the same room we stayed in 2009. (I couldn't help but wonder if our travel agent had a hand in this!)

We found two gifts on the coffee table - a fruit-chocolate kabob from our travel agent, Amy McHugh, and a plate of crackers and cheese from our concierge, Fitzroy.

By the time our luggage arrivedd and everything was put away, it was getting too late to expect our concierge to snag reservations at Eleanor's, so we decided to take our chances as walk-ins. Besides, we aalready knew from years past that the Martini Bar was just upstairs, and we were anxious to return. What a great life we have at Sandals!

Sandals Whitehouse Reviews:

Sunday 1/26 Eleanor's Restaurant Review, Sandals Whitehouse We were told that the wait at Eleanor's would be about 30 minutes, which was accurate. Someone came upstairs to the Martini Bar and let us know our table was ready. Eleanor's specializes in Caribbean cuisine. The white glove service and the ambiance of an old plantation house make you wish you never had to leave. The food at Eleanor's was, for us, the best of all the rest4aurants. We both enjoyed the beef tenderloin, cooked to perfection with a not-to -spicy sauce.

The next morning wwe caught up with our concierge Ftizroy, and made reservations for the remaining nights of our Whitehouse vacation.

Monday 1/27 - Review - Beach Party Sandals Whitehouse Review. You will find several photos of this fun event in my photo gallery (linked below and above.) The fire pits and extra seating (added since our last visit) turn this attraction up a notch. From the front of Bayside, down to Neptune's near Watersports, you'll find comfortable couch areas around the various firepits. Or, if you prefer, there's still seating at the bar or tables.

Tuesday 1/28 - Tuesday is the Returning Guest dinner at Sandals Whitehouse (Review). This event was preceded by a cocktail party in the Courtyard of the Grand Ballroom. The entire meal was delicious. and it was a pleasure to meet so many other returning guests. Concierge Clive was seated at oour table. and he seemed to enjoy himself as he interacted with the guests. The highlightwas that we received our certificate for our free week next year at any Sandals resort.

Wednesday 1/29 Review - Bluefield's Restaurant Review Sandals Whitehouse: We were looking forward to the lobster, and we were not disappointed. The lobster tail was split, and was accompanied by two large, deliciously seasoned shrimp. We had to ask for some melted butter for lobster dipping, aand it was provided immediately. Bluefield's features outdoor dining, and every candle-lit table provides a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea.

Wednesday is also Sandals Whitehouse Chocolate Night at 10 PM. Review - This event is often called the most popular evening, and it's offered at all the Sandals resorts.  Here you'll find a chocolate lover's dream come true! You'll see table after table filled with the most amazing, decadent and delicious display of chocolate you'll find anywhere!

Thursday 1/30 Sandals Whitehouse Giuseppe's Review -  This restaurant has the look and feel of old Italy. It is beautifully decorated with wall-hangings, pictures and vaulted celings. They even have a wine tower. Wally was disappointed in the lamb chops but he is just spoiled by rack of lamb. I ordered their special which was a combination of fish, perfectly seasoned.

Friday 1/31 Sandals Whitehouse Neptunes Review - Neptunes, located near the boat pier, turns itself into a romantic candle-lit restaurant for the evenings. They specialize in Mediterranean cuisine. The service and food were excellent, making this restaurant a close 2nd to Eleanor's. Tell me if you think Neptune looks a lot like Kris Kristofferson. Wally and I both ordered the pan-seared Mahi-mahi, which was delicious! Here's the Neptune menu.

Saturday, 2/1 Jasmines Review Sandals Whitehouse This is an Asian restaurant, as you can guess from the name. It is a beautifully designed building with very high ceilings and plenty of atmosphere. The appetizer meun offered tow varieties of spring rolls, which I really like. I couldn't decide between them, so I ordered them both and they were excellent! I thought I would try the "Signature Dish" which consisted of two chicken legs and one chicken wing. Thbe dish was covered with an Asian sauce which smelled good and tasted delicious. But the legs and wings were too greasy for my taste, and I did not eat them. Noticing my plate, the chef (?) explained that the recipewas authentically Thai food, and that is ow it is cooked and served in Thailand. He offered to bring me something else, or even order something for me from one of the other restaurants, which was just so sweet of him. I politely declined. Truth be told, the Spring Rolls are enough for a meal.

Sunday, 2/2 Back to Eleanor's! Review - We're into our 2nd week now, and we returned to Eleanor's. Once again we thoroughly enjoyed the white-glove service, the food and the atmosphere. This is our favorite Whitehoouse restaurant.

Monday 2/3 Beach Party and Neptune's at Sandals Whitehouse: Review - We had dinner reservations at 8 PM, and that gave us an hour or so to enjoy our 2nd Beach Party. The only problem? We had to keep reminding each other not to eat or drink too much before dinner!

Tuesday, 2/4 was our last night at Sandals Whitehouse. We looked forward to our second Returning Guest Dinner, and it was just as good as the first. This time the new GM, Courtney Miller was at our table. I mentioned to him that we noticed more older people on this vacation than we ever have in the past. I asked him if he knew about the Baby Boomers and suggested Sandals incorporate more options into their programs and advertising to gear it toward this age group. I told him I saw a t-shirt in Myrtle Beach that said:

Just Like You
Only Richer

I also commented that when we were at the Martini Bar one evening some people were complaining about the piano player not starting to play until 10 PM...too late for some of them to be up. Someone suggested carrying a petition up and down to beach to see how many other people felt the same way. This did not surprise me. God love 'em, the Boomers will all go to their graves still looking for something to protest.

Courtney Miller caught up with me the next day as we were leaving to say he appreciated the suggestions and is currently working to institute some changes.

Sandals Whitehouse Bar Review:

Casablanca Martini Bar Review: We loved the Martini Bar even though our favorite Milky Way Martini was no longer available. It seems Sandals does not stock Absolut Vanilla Vodka anymore. The new chocolate martini is good, but you can certainly tell the difference. I'm sorry I did not get any photos of Romeo, the bartender at the Martini Bar who entertained everyone by carrying drinks on his head, as well as performing other bar tricks. You can order your favorite drink here as well as any martini from the menu; There is also patio seating outside the bar area. The poano player arrives around 10 P.M. and he knows how to get the crowd involved. Karaoke is alive and well, and the seats that circle the piano fill up quickly.

The Neptunes Bar at Sandals Whitehouse Review. This was our 2nd favorite bar. These friendly bartenders really want to make you happy. They knew our names and always greeted us with big friendly Jamaican smile!

We enjoyed the bar at Bluefields, but did not go there often, due to the distance from our room in the Italian Village. We had dinner and lunch there once and the food and var service were always perfect.

The Swim-Up bar at Sandals Whitehouse - Review. This was our least favorite, but that has been our experience at any all-inclusive resort. One afternoon while I was at the pool, Wally brought me a drink from the pool bar. He had one in his hand, too. He didn't say anything...just handed it to me. I took a couple sips through the straw and asked what it was supposed to be. It tasted very weak and foamy, like a chocolate milkshake without much flavor. It was a drink you would complain about at a fast food restaurant. "Mudslide" he said. "Phooey" I replied. Apparently they were out of Baileys, and from the looks of it they must have been out of other ingredients (except chocolate syrup) too. Wally went to the Neptune Bar and came back with two delicious Mudslides, made to order, and fantastic! I won't take up any more room in this review about the swim-up bar, but the quality of the drinks were below average.

Sandals Whitehouse Café de Paris - Review. The Cafe has not changed since our last visit in 2009. And that's a GOOD thing! It's still the final word for sweets and coffees. Just thinking about it as I sit here and type makes me wish I were there right now!

What's new with the new-to-us Concierge Club Sandals? I had a couple questions that I googled, but I didn't get answers until we arrived. One was shopping. It turns out that this is a weekly trip into Negril, which we chose not to do. The other question was, "What does "Exclusive Snorkeling" mean?" It's a once a week snorkeling trip that includes your concierge, and a club signature drink served by your concierge. We didn't do that either. (We were hoping it might mean a snorkeling trip to the Peter Tosh Reef.) However, it looks like Club Sandals includes more get-togethers than in the past. Wine tasting and cheese by the pier, Martini Evening, and much more. Certainly an upgrade to the Concierge levels we have experienced in the past.

Sandals Whitehouse Snorkeling Review:

Wally never missed the10 AM snorkel boat, and there was only one day it was cancelled due to high winds. Wally has nothing but praise for the Watersports Team. They all went out of their way to make sure that everyone on the boat had a good snorkeling experience. A special thanks to Melissa who quickly learned his name and produced the fins of just the right size as soon as she saw him approach.

Sandals Whitehouse Brealfast and Lunch Reviews

We loved the Jerk Pit Shack on the beach, not far from our room.You can order jerk chicken or port, served in a paper bag, grab a drink, sit on a beach chair and cover your toes with sand as the waves gently lap over your feet.

We usually went to Sandals Whitehouse Bayside for both breakfast and lunch, although we also enjoyed sitting outside Eleanor's and ordering breakfast from the menu. One of our morning favorites at Bayside was the truly delicious made-to-order omelet. Pairing the omelet with some of the local fresh fruit made a devine breakfast.

Sandals Whitehouse Wi-Fi

Thank you, Sandals, for listening to my complaints for the last 16 years! :-) It was wonderful to log on and not incur an additional charge!

Thanks to the SandalsWhitehouse Staff

A special thank you to all the staff members and employees at Sandals Whitehouse. You did a terrific job! Every staff member we encountered went out of their way to make us feel at home. Fitzroy, thanks for being our concierge and for the surprise plates of cheese and crackers we often found when returning to our room. Hugs to Shellion and John in Photography for trying to fix my battery charger with wires, strings, smoke and mirrors! Lovely Crystal, thank you for staying in touch and for making us feel special. Clive, I enjoyed meeting you at the first return dinner. Tsoxroy, we love you, man. Can't wait to see yo in Myrtle Beach when when you visit your mother. Housekeeping was perfect. They kept our bar stocked, and we always had plenty of towels.

The Come Back Soon Song!

As we were awaiting transportation to the airport, the Sandals staff materialized out of nowhere, lined up in front of the bus and sang us a farewell song! Wally had his iPhone in his pocket. We uploaded it to YouTube when we got home. What a special surprise!

I brought home 9 days of "The Daily Breeze" in case anyone has questions about activities, evening entertainment or Fitness Clinics. The evening entertainment this year was night after night filled with some of the best talent we've ever seen at any all-inclusive resort.

MoBay Departure Lounge

To the Amazing Amy McHugh! Thank you for the pass to MoBay Departure Lounge What a wonderful way to relax, get on our computers, and enjoy a final rum punch before boarding our flight back to reality. The service was excellent.

I think that pretty much wraps it up.

When Wally and I started going to all-inclusives, we planned on 7 days. Now it is 10. And even that isn't enough. When I get home I start planning our next trip.

Again, thanks to each and every one of you who made us feel at home at Sandals Whitehouse.

Please remember - this review reflects our experience. Everyone is different, and the variety of reviews on TripAdvisor often leave my head spinning. Here are my 5 random thoughts:

1. Of course it's a long bumpy drive!
2. Jamaicans have been driving these roads safely for many years. Sit back and enjoy the scenery. Tip the drivers. They don't work for your all-inclusive.
3. Birds like to eat the same food you do. Deal with it.
4. Public beaches in Jamaica are just like public beaches here in Myrtle Beach. Locals are free to walk them.
5. If someone wants to sell you something you don't want, the appropriate reply is "no thank you" with a smile. Works every time!

Here's the link to Sandals official Sandals Whitehouse website.

Here's the link to our Whitehouse 2014 Photo Gallery
Unfortunately, I left my camera battery charger at home, so by our second day at Sandals Whitehouse, we were using our iPhones and iPads as cameras. I apologize that the quality of the photos is not what I wanted them to be.

Patricia Blackstock and Wally Snider
Myrtle Beach, SC, Feb. 2014

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