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Sandals Ocho Rios Jan. 20 - Jan. 30, 2013

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By Patricia Blackstock

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Welcome Home from Sandals!
Air- over Cuba
In the airin the air
Approaching Montego Bay
(Ocean Edge Honeymoon Penthouse Beachfront Concierge)
We think this first shot is the FL Keys, and 2nd is over Cuba. 3. Over Montego Bay, almost ready to land 4. Our room (Ocean Edge Honeymoon Penthouse Beachfront Concierge) was located on the top level of the Riviera 5. That's me, immediately upon arrival. Too tired to even change clothes, we enjoyed the beautiful views from our balcony, the complementary snacks, and the chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio from the refrigerator. We even had a gorgeous rainbow to greet us! The photos below are all taken on our balcony.
View from our room
View from our room
View from our room
Sandals sent us many e-mail reminders of our anniversary. Since they were the only people (yes, (really) who remembered the date, I got a big smile out of each reminder they sent. Upon our arrival, they went out of their way by announcing the event at the returning guest dinner, and leaving us some wonderful surprises when we later returned to our room.
Sandals Grand Ocho Rios is huge, but we did what we always do at any all-inclusive couples resort, no matter the size. We find the pool closest to Watersports and make it our "home base." Wally really likes Watersports. I think this is a guy thing, similar to the comfort men sense when they have a remote in their hand. They are not necessairly wanting to watch TV, but they need mmediate access to it when they do. "Our" pool had a swim-up bar with several areas for sun or shade...and of course Watersports and the ocean were directly below.
Swim-up bar pool near Watersports
Pano from leverl 5
View from patio
#1 above is the pool near Watersports. The rest were from our balcony view.
The first pano is from the Concierge Balcony, floor 5. #2 pano was taken from our balcony.

Sandals Grande Riviera
Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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