Sandals North - September 10 - 15, 2008
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Many of you know that Wally and I met Mary and Pat (Iowa) , along with Marie and Phil (Massachusetts) at Sandals Royal in 2003, and that we have vacationed together since. Unfortunately, just before our Sandals vacation in February, 2008, Marie lost Phil to cancer. Wally and I acted on something we've been planning for several years. 'Sandals North' in Myrtle Beach began in earnest. After much planning Pat, Mary, and Marie arrived in Myrtle Beach on September 10.

(1.) My gift to Mary and Marie! Remember all the good times we have shared together, my friends! (2.) - (4.) A huge thank you to the Sandals Royal Caribbean Management. We can't say enough about our special friends at SRC who always go out of their way to treat us like family. When they heard we were planning a "Sandals North" vacation last to include Marie, they sent us home with shirts and water-proof containers for the event.

1) Pat shows off his Sandals polo, a surprise from the staff at Sandals Royal Caribbean. 2.) Marie and Wally celebrate with "all-inclusive" drinks. 3.) and 4.) Broadway at the Beach.
1.) Broadway at the beach. Pat and Marie sampling hot stuff. 2.- 4.) In the Big Chair: Pat and Wally, Pat and Mary, Marie and I.
1.) Pat and Mary 2.) Muscovy Duck 3.) Tiny crab from the beach in Wally's hand. 4.) Marie enjoying this special time.
1.) Mary and Marie 2.) Beach clean-up by the Boy Scouts. 3.) Mary and Marie 4.) Grande Cirque at the Palace Theatre.
1.) Pat and Wally enjoying beach time.1.) Even Barbie needs some shade. (Arrangement by a little girl sitting near us.) 3. Shell Seekers 4.) Beach wedding.
1.) and 2.) Marie and Mary enjoying the ocean. 3.) Remembering old times. 4.) Beach treasures.
1.) Mary and Wally, looking for shark teeth. 2.) Friends Forever 3.) Murrells Inlet Marshwalk before dinner. Marie and Mary, barefoot with Drunken Jack. 4.) Pat and Mary with their Catch of the Day.
1.) Marshwalk, Murrells Inlet: Pat, Mary, Marie, Wally and I. 2.) Pat can't decide which boat he wants to buy. 3.) Mary, Me, Marie with Bubba Love - who is a statue. 4.) Dinner with an Inlet View. Divine Fish House, Murrells Inlet.

For Mary and Marie.....

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