Wally and I have been so very fortunate to form some wonderful friendships at Sandals. Several were with us on this trip. Others should have been, and they were sorely missed.

When we arrived, Gini and Gordon were there to meet us. "Go get changed and meet us at the pool" they said. When we got to our room we found an elegant plate of cheese, crackers and grapes waiting for us, and a note that said "Welcome back to Sandals. Love, Gini and Gordon." How's THAT for friendship? Here's Wally before our bags were delivered to the room. We immediately discovered the well-stocked bar and we enjoyed Gini and Gordon's thoughtful gift.

1.- 4. Gini and Gordon celebrated their anniversary, and received their Gold Sandals 5. Gini at the pool 6. Marie and Wendy enjoying lunch at Bluefield's

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1.-5. Playmaker pool games, dances, bocce ball. Wally trying to increase his chance to win 6. Me hiding in a hammock
At the main pool: 1. Marie and Wally at the hot tub 2. Gini, Marie, Wally 3. Me 4. Marie and Wendy 5. Wendy
1. David, Me, Alan, Suzanne, Julie. Wally (our pool partners!) 2. and 3. Gordon and I 4. Marie and Wally 5. Me, with the Nikon guy.
1. Alfred and I caught problem-solving 2. Me,Wally, Gini, Wendy 3.Wally and I dancing 4. Wally, Wendy, Marie, Gordon, Gini
5. Marie at the pool
1. Me on a cool-looking bench 2. Wally and Shelley 3. Wally with a photo op. 4. Wally at Giuseppe's. 5. Mike and Janine