Our Little Garden, 2013
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Blackberries 6/18/13
First green pepper 6/18/13
$1.57 at Lowe's. Maybe it will live? 4-14-13
We have 2. They are almost 3" lonh!
Watermelon patch.
The "garden"
Blackberries, first green peppers, tomatoes, hibiscus.... Oh my!
(1). Waatermelon planted 3-13-13 $1.79 at Lowes. ( 2.) Watermelon patch! (3.) 6-18-13.We hve 2! They are almost 3 inches long! (4). The watermelons grow every day. (See the quarter for comparison)
Hibiscus, growing outide kitchen window. (2) Crepe Myrtle in front yard (3) Day lilies in bak yard (4) Day lilies in vase on screened-in back porch (5) Some sort of small sunflower? (5) Geranimum. Someone stole it out of our front yard last week along with a big beautiful etched ceramic pot. :-(
(1) Hibiscus under kitchen wibdow (2) Daisys (3.) Hydrangea and Oxalis (4) Something yellow!?
(1) Day Lily (2) spider lilies (3) Oxalis (4) Knock Out roses against the side of the garage.
knock out roses against garage
Wascally Wabbit
Hollowed out watermelon
1. The culprit. 2. He has hollowed out one of the larger watermelons. 3. He eats green tomatos. 4. Wally made a "cage" for the other 2 melons - 7-8-2013
1. Hibiscus 2, Blackberry bush 7/11/13. Mu homemade Blackberry pie, from the blackberries on bush. 7/25/13


blacksbrry bush