Myrtle Beach - January 2012
Welcome to the New Year!
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New Year's Day
Captain Dicks / Spuds
Ann and Cliff
Andy and Doris
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
Biking on the beach
Family Kingdom in January
Murrells Inlet
Muscovy Duckling
Olivers then and now - Murrells Inlet
Snapshot - Market Common
Gazebo Withers Swash Park
1. New Year's Day, Market Common 2. Boats on the Beach 3. and 4. Murrells Inlet
1. View of Garden City from Murrells Inlet 2. 3. and 4. Family Kingdom
1. Ann and Cliff - thanks for hosting New Year's Eve at your home. 2. Andy and Doris 3. Bob, Gerri and Ann 4. Celine and Mel.
Santa left a new 3D TV for Ann and Cliff! 2. Wally working out (?) at The Market Common 3. Lots of gulls in January! 4. Oliver's Lodge - then and now
Murrells Inlet in January 2. Friendly Muscovy duckling 3. Biking on the beach 4. Snapshot at The Market Common
All Myrtle Beach area photos
1. View of Myrtle Beach from Withers Swash 2. The gazebo at Withers Swash, 3. Howard Ave near 4. Newly opened Euro Fashions at 2834-D Howard Ave. Welcome, Mrs. Hye-Ja Cho-Aleo, to the neighborhood!