Myrtle Beach, SC
Photos - January, 2010
Welcome to 2010! This was a cold month, and although it was nothing compared to our Northern friends, I didn't get out as much with my camera. Hope you enjoy what you see. To enlarge all pictures to their original size, just click the thumbnail and click your Back Button to return to this page.
Thanks for looking!
2nd Ave Pier Myrtle Beach
Anole in our back porch
Island Shoppes Pawleys Island
Lady Liberty?
Orchid blooms
1. 2nd Ave. pier 2. Anole on our porch 3.Sandpipers 4. The new Boardwalk construction 5. Island Shoppes in Pawleys Island
1. 2. and 3. The Island Shops, Cypress Knees 4. Lady Liberty (?) hawking a tax service 5. Myrtle Beach State Park
Mother Nature reclaims an old motel - spotted off the road between Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island
2. Palmettos 3. our orchids in bloom 4. NO EXIT! 5. Waiting for Spring
1 & 2 The very exclusive (!) Pawleys Island Marina and Yacht Club 3. Pawleys Island Church 4.Town Hall 5.Wally
1. Wicked Stick Golf Course 2. Springmaid Pier 3. Sandpipers
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