Eurodam Baltic Cruise
Holland America
By Patricia Blackstock
Review of the Eurodam
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My sister-in-law Paula and I sailed the Holland America Eurodam on their Baltic Cruise, August 12 - August 24, 2011.

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We loved the verandah and the effective use of space in our cabin which never left us feelling crowded;

We took advantage of several upgrades offered by the Eurodam's "dining advantures." If you enjoy a variety of good wines, you will appreciate the wine-tasting events such as the sommelier dining experience. You'll find more information in my review.

Dinner at Le Cirque
Sommelier Dinner (wine and food pairing)
The Pinnacle
and the Wine Tasting events

Without doubt, the extra fees we paid for these dinners or special events was well worth the experience.

My complete review of the Holland American Eurodam Baltic Cruise is on page 7. (Scroll to the bottom of this page.)

The photos below were shot on the Eurodam Baltic Cruise. Please click each photo to view larger size. Your back button will bring you back to this page. 6 more pages more photos (on the left) will give you a flavor for Hollan America Baltic Cruise.

Eurodam Baltic Adventure
Eurodam Baltic Adventure
Casino - Eurodam Baltic Cruise
Chocolate night - Eurodam Baltic Cruise
Dave Ginny
Eurodam Holland America Baltic Adventure
deck on the Eurodam
Dessert hocolate night - Eurodam Baltic Cruise
Eurodam Holland America Eurodam
Eurodam Holland America Eurodam
Eurodam elevators - me
Hot Tub Holland America Eurodam
Kitchen Tour Eurodam
Kitchen Tour Eurodam
Cirque dinner Eurodam
Lido Bar
Wine buddies!
Yowel Art
Ronnie and Paula
Pinnicle dining Wurodam
Stairs Eurodam
dinner on Eurodam
wine glasses on the Eurodam
Le Cirque
The Staff of the Eurodam
waiters at dinner
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All photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot S95

Above:  Patricia Blackstock and Paula Snider