Folly Beach, SC
The City of Folly Beach is one of the South Carolina barrier island, located near historical Charleston, SC. Folly Beach is six miles long, and boasts a beautiful coastline, as you can see in the photos. Beyond the beauty of the beach, Folly Beach boasts of a maritime forest and the Morris Island Lighthouse.

The name "Folly" is thought to have come from the Old English translation, which means a clump of trees or a thicket. Although Folly Island today is a continuous island stretching from the Stono Inlet to Lighthouse Inlet, some maps show that Folly had two islands, commonly known as Big Folly and Little Folly. Historical records from the time of the Civil War state that travel from Big Folly, across the neck of the island, today called "The Washout." to Little Folly was only possible along the beach at low tide.

Morris Lighthouse: In 1873, funds were appropriated for a new tower on Morris Island. To provide a proper foundation for what would be a first order seacoast light, over two hundred wooden piles were driven fifty feet into the sand. Above the pilings, an eight-foot-thick concrete foundation was poured. The base of the foundation had a diameter of thirty-three feet and tapered to sixteen feet eight inches at its top. This sizable foundation was necessary to support the brick tower, which would rise over 150 feet into the air and weigh close to 4,000 tons. But time has taken its toll, and now the foundation is weakened and the tower leans. The lighthouse now stands alone and surrounded only by water several hundred yards offshore. Currently there is an official Morris Island "Save the Lighthouse" website.

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Dunes at Folly Beach
Dunes at Folly Beach
Folly Beach
Sandy beach
Beach unbrellas
Beach Rules
Folly Beach paths
Walkways to the beach
Sand, Dunes, Sea Oats
Lots of cars - free parking
Morris Lighthouse
Folly Beach Pier
Folly Beach Pier
Blue Beach Unbrellas
Folly Beach Pier
Folly Island
The beach and pier at Folly Beach

City of Folly Beach Regulations. The Confederate Flag on one of the beach homes. Lots of beach umbrellas! Crosby's Kayak Rental

Beach viewed from the Pier. The parking lot. Morris Lighthouse and the Folly Beach Pier.