Palac Theater
Welcome to Murrells Inlet
Blue-eyed Cormorant
December, 2012 - Around Myrtle Beach
Pelicans (1,2,3) (4) Blue-eyed Cormorant
1. Female Grackle 2. European Starling 3. Grey Duck (or goose?) 4. VERY tiny tree frog
Welcome to Myrtle Beach
Carolina Opry Christmas Show
Female Grackle
Baldwin locomotive #15
Man feeding white geese. Geese get in a fight. Man picks up goose and goes on his way. Other follows.
1. Eastern Bluebird. 2. Sailboat Murrells Inlet 4. South Beach in winter. 4. Our dining room table.
1. - 3. Muscovy Ducks. 4. Comorants
1. and 2. Palace Theater 3. Trree (with snow) in front of Ripley's Aquarium 4. Taken 12/3/2012 Sunshine!
Carolina Opry Christmas Show
1. "All That" 2. Liberty Steakhouse 3. and 4. Welcome!
1. and 2. Baldwin locomotive #15 (Brookgreen)
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