Butterfiles Brookgreen Gardens
 Brookgreen fox
Red tailed Hawk Brookgreen Low Country Zoo
Red Hawk
Birds Feeding Time Low Country Zoo
Brookgreen Gardens
Low Country Zoo
Alligators, Wildlife, Turkey, Herons, Shore Birds - Labyrinth
Ibis -Turkey - Fox - Eagles - Otters - More

By Patricia Blackstock
Butterfly Vision
Eagle Low Country Zoo
Eastern Grey Squirrel
Longtailed Skipper Butterf
Longtailed Skipper Butterfly Brookgreen Low Country Zoo
Wally Snider
Patricia Blackstock
Juvenile Black Crowned Heron
Black Crowned Heron
Juvenile Black Crowned Heron
Whispering Wings is located across from the entrance to Brookgreen's Low Country Zoo. (Small additional charge) The butterfly exhibit is open April 1 until the end of October. You'll see hundreds of butterflies as well as a beautiful garden with lovely plantings and flowers. There's even a pupae emergence room where you can view the transformation of chrysalisonyp into adult butterflies.
Lowcountry Zoo at Brookgreen Gardens hosts many varieties of birds and animals. It is the only zoo accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)on the coastt of North America, and all native animals in the LowCountry Zoo wwere bread or raised in captivity or have a disability or an injury and cannot survive in the wild.
1. Feeding time at the LowCountry Zoo 2. Red Fox 3. Brown  Thrasher. 5. Mocking Bird .6. Black Crowned Heron
Brookgreen Low  Country Zoo: 1. Snowy Egret 2. Juvenile Black Crowned Heron. BlackCrowned Herons 5. Mule 6. Juvenile Black Crowned Heron
Eastern Grey Squirrel - Two Long-tail Skipper - Pair of American Eagles - American Vulture - Black Crowned Heron -Low Country Zoo, Brookgreen Garden
Miscellaneous Brookgreen Photos
Path to the Waccamaw River
The Garden gate
Blackcrowned Night Herons
Bell near the Old Kitchen
Allligator - close up!
Lucy Gibbs volunteer Brookgreen Gardens


Page 1. Btpplgreen Garden Sculptures with sculptors' names, dates, information and photos

Page 2. Brookgreen Gardens Flowers and Trees

Page 4. Brookgreen Gardens Special Events and Festivals, iincluding Halloween
scarecrows, Nights of a Thousand Candles, Cool Summer Evenings

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White Mule Brookgreen LowCountry Zoo
Eagles at Lowcountry Zoo
1. Broad Winged Skipper 2. White Egret 3. Turkey near the entrance to Brookgrreen Gardens. 4. Juvenile Black Crowned Heron. 5. American Turkeys taking a walk at Brookgreen Gardens,
Trees - Poem by Joyce Kilmer
Old Trunk
Wood Storks
1. Wood Storks in trees 2. Heron 3. Mocking bird perched on a map. 4. Grasshopper 5.and 6. Crickets - Low Country Zoo
Bird map
grasshopper at Brookgreen
Wildlife map
Broojgreen LowCountry Zoo Grashopper
White Egret stepping up
American Turkey
Amnerican Trukeys
Juvenile black crowned heron
Red Fox
Closeup of a cattle egret
Barred Owl
Juvenile Snowy Egret
Great Blue Heron
Mourning Dove
Viulture Brookgreen Low Country Zoo
Black Crowned Heron
1 The log is a portion of a Bald Cypress tree, cut from virgin swampland in the 18th or 19th century during the creation of the rice fields along the Waccamaw River. The original marks from hand axes used by enslaved Africans to fell the trees are still visible. It is believed the tree was at least 500 years old when it was cut. It was recovered from the Waccamaw River in 2009. The log is 17' long, 10' in diameter and weighs approximately 6 tons. Path to Waccmaw Boat Ramp. 2. Patricia Blackstock 3. Wally Snider 4. Archway 5. The old kitchen bell. 6.Lucy Gibbs, on of the beautiful volunteers at Brookgreen Gardens
1. Rice Mill Trunk at old Plantation, Brookgreen Gardens 2. Annie's Garden 3. Wildlife Map 4. Artist sketching flowers at Brookgreen
Cypress Log Brookgreen Gardens
Alligator at Brookgreen Gardens
Alligator at Brookgreen Gardens
Close up Alligator - on the move\ at the Low Country Zoo. Herons, Black-crowned heron swimming.
Wally and patrich June, 2013
Wally Snider and Patricia

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1. Red Fox 2.  Cattle Egret, Brookgreen Low Country Zoo. 3. Barred Owl  4. Titmouse 5. Juvenile Snowy Egret
1. Great Blue Heron 2. Mourning Dove. Male Cadinal 5 Alligator spotted ar Brookgreen Gardens LowCountry Zoo.
Rice Cultivation sign
Trail beyond the Garden Wall
Africans as LowCountry Slaves
Group touring Brookgreen Gardens
New grass
Trail Behind the Garden Wall
Rice Cultivation sign - Trail Beyond the Garden Wall - Africans as LowCountry Slaves - Group touring Brookgreen Gardens
New grass - Trail beyond the Garden Wall - Poem by Joyce Kilmer.  Path to the Waccamaw River Boat Ramp. Wood Ducks
The Labyrinth at Brookgreen Gardens
The Labyrinth at Brookgreen Gardens
The Labyrinth at Brookgreen Gardens

Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is a single path that follows an intricate pattern leading from the beginning to the center and back.

Labyrinths are used in a variety of traditions as places of meditative walking, realization, ceremony and reflection. The Labyrinth at Brookgreen Gardens combines the ancient cross-cultural aspects, ringing together traditions of the people who have occupied this spot including Native Americans, enslaved Africans, and Europeans.

The design of the Brookgreen labyrinth is a seven-circle Medieval Chartres-style with a 76-foot diameter and measures 4/10 mile total, inside and out.  Walk the labyrinth to experience the past and present and to connect  with the natural environment. There is no right or wrong way to walk. As with all voyages it begins with the first step.

Below: L. Brookgreen Gardens Annual Plant Sale held in April every year. R. Certified Habitat sign

Brookgreen annual plant sale
Brookgreen annual plant sale
Brookgreen annual plant sale
BC Heron
Summer, 2014:  snake, heron, ibis, Spanish Goats
Certified Wildlife Habitat
Spanish Goats
Wood Ducks

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