Aventura Spa Palace - Riviera Maya
March 8- March 17, 2007
All Inclusive; Couples Only - Review
Aventura Spa Palace is an all-inclusive resort for couples only. And it is lovely. The bus which took us from Cancun was located just outside the airport, and the trip took exactly one hour. We were greeted with a glass of champagne at check-in. Our room was in the Saxophone building on the 3rd (top) floor...convenient to everything. The glass-backed elevator was quick and we never experienced a wait.

Beautiful location! (See our photo gallery below.)

Spa and Hydrotherapy rooms. The Spa is very professional with a huge array of services. We enjoyed a manicure, pedicure, a half hour massage, and 50 minute Holistic body rub. There are two Hydrotherapy areas - one for men and another for women. These areas can be used any time and include jet showers, steam rooms, sauna, cooling beverages, Jucuzzis with cold water plunge pool, reflexology foot baths, and more. Another wonderful feature in a nearby area is a pool with soothing underwater music, and a nearby Smoothie Bar. I hope that if I go to heaven, I will be allowed to visit the ASP Spa every now and then.

Food: We tried all the restaurants and were pleased with the taste and quality. Reservations are not accepted for dinner, so unless you go very early or very late you may have to wait. The waiting, however, is painless because you can visit any nearby bar, enjoy a drink, and meet a few people. We enjoyed a variety of very good wines during this vacation

The Martini Bar. Our favorite was the Chocolate Martini

Evening Entertainment - Some of the best we've seen at any resort or on any ship. Very professional presentations.

Lovely grounds. We discovered a small maze, a jogging trail with some surprise obstacles, and a huge climbing wall.

Fitness Center: The fully-equipped fitness center includes several rooms. In addition to the availability of equipment, there are also daily activities such as yoga, Pilates, Step, Fitball, Circuit Training, Water Workout, Salsa and more. Just sign up to be included.

Wi-Fi Wireless Internet connections are great. Take your laptop and log on in your room, patio, bar or lobby.


The Beach:All the reviews I read concerning Aventura Palace before we booked out trip included the dire and ominous warning that "There is no beach." Since we live at a beach have more than our share of sand everywhere, not having a beach doesn't bother us. As it turns out, there is indeed a beach. You just can't walk on it. The beach at Aventura Spa Palace is actually a carved inlet bordered by natural rock and coral formations, then inlaid with rich Caribbean white sand. As you can see in our photo album (link below) the stunningly beautiful lagoons more than make up for the lack of a wide walking beach.

Creamy drinks are icy, not creamy. Order a mudslide and you are likely to get something that takes more like a chocolate snow cone. Tip: Know the ingredients you want in your drink before ordering, and watch as the drink is being made. Some bars (but not all) have Bailey's Bristol Creme. The creamy drinks were a major disappointment. The mixed drinks (not creamy) are done well, and I always tried the "mixed drink of the day" which was usually pretty good.

There are hundreds of reviews about this resort on the Internet, and most of them are very positive. Therefore I won't go into more detail here except to say we enjoyed our stay and would certainly be willing to go back. If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to try and help you.

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